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Poko chan AntiMos GAME is an exciting whack-a-mosquito game. Score as many points as you can by smacking the mosquitoes before using up your "smack" count!

list counter 01 Smack the flying Mosquitoes!

  • Different types of mosquitoes will earn you different points
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    mos image
    mos image
  • Smack as many mosquitoes as you can to clear the GAME
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list counter 02 The GAME is over when all your "smack" counts are finished

  • Smack the mosquito accurately! Your "smack" count will reduce if you missed a mosquito!
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list counter 03 Avoid the Mosquitoes! Use Poko chan's special Lemongrass!

  • Use the Lemongrass to smack the mosquitoes easily! They will avoid you and fly to the corner.
    lemongrass image
  • Get additional Lemongrass when you answer the quiz correctly
    quiz image

list counter 04 Win Pokochan Point Program points when you clear the game!

  • Get bonus points when you clear stage 4 / stage 5. Download and Sign up now if you’re not a member yet!
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