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Guess the hidden image if it is one of the member of Poko Poko Friends.

list counter 01 Guess the hidden image if it is one of the member of Poko Poko Friends.

mosaic image
  • If you think it's the Poko Poko friends member, pleast tap O!
    If not, please tap X
    answer image
display image

list counter 02 When the balloon burst, it will be Game Over.

  • The balloon will inflate if you answered wrongly or when time is up.
    balloon image
  • The balloon will burst after inflating 3 times.
    motion image

character all keyvisual image

  • Poko Chan and Poko Poko friends all live in a sky-blue tent in baby's room.
    It's a bit small when everyone's inside, but when they are so close together, it's like a secret base and everyone feels cozy at home.
    They are always thinking about baby, like "It was great to see baby laughing!" or "What should we play with baby today?".
  • Poko Poko Friends wish to stay as close friends of baby and see him grow up healthy and happy.

list decoration image Introduction of Poko Poko Friends

poko poko friends image
  • * Poko Chan and its friends are known as Poko Poko Friends
    We are happy to meet you in the GAME and we hope you'll know us well!

list decoration image Poko Chan

poko chan image
  • Poko Chan is the leader who is always cheerful!
    You may already know Poko Chan well from seeing our TV Ads, Online Videos, Facebook, and App, don't you?

list decoration image Pippy

pippy image
  • Pippy is a chatty little bird who knows everything.
    He is always next to baby, mom & dad and gives advice on parenting tips.
    Pippy has a strange pride, even though small, he is not just a "chick".

list decoration image Ricky

ricky image
  • Ricky is a very kind and generous elephant, with an always slow-tempo.
    He keeps to his own pace and cannot do things fast.
    However, he is positive and cheers everyone up. He always says "Everything will be OK!".

list decoration image Sleepy

sleepy image
  • The sheep called Sleepy helps to comfort baby to sleep.
    He looks fluffy but his character is surprisingly serious.
    His hair is so fluffy that baby always love to pull his hair.

list decoration image Ribbon

ribbon image
  • Ribbon the hedgehog is a cute partner to pregnant moms.
    Although she is small, she is very motivated and also quite cheeky.
    She takes care of pregnant moms' worries and anxieties from pregnancy all the way until delivery of the baby.
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